44 hours Survival Zombie! November 29, 2019
Seriously, who can handle that? What kind of crazy people would want to suffer that way, and for so long? It is not as you imagine. For starters, intensity is adapted to duration in games. A two-hour event could be much more intense than a 44 hours one if we wanted to. The average Survival […]

  • Interview with our screenwriter

    We interview our untamed CEO, Diego de la Concepción, to revisit one of the strengths of our games: The scripts.

  • Brand new special patches available!

    Because, after a thousand journeys, your old patches are scraped, full of bloody spots, and deserve renewal. Now available in all our events! Have a sniff, guv’nor!

  • Year Season Cards!

    2019 comes to an end, and we have the new 2020 Year Season Card. Get one now and enjoy its many advantages also until the end of the year!

  • What's the fuss about?
    As simple as that. Follow the plot, investigate, avoid the
    zombies, look for clues, compete or work cooperatively with
    other players. You never know alliances will bring the night.


Imagine the streets of your city, stacked up with zombies. Imagine it is night. You have a mission ahead, places to visit, places to investigate, but zombies are everywhere. You run, dodge, hide among the cars, and compete with other survivors. Do not trust anyone. The one in front of you can attract a zombie horde right to you!

Our Survivals have often been described as a giant hide-and-seek game. The streets are full of noises, and behind any corner lies the unexpected: An horde of zombies ready to chase you, perhaps. Our players usually comes to the tests with comfortable clothes to run and move, but also a working brain over the shoulders! Imagine a giant Scape Room where you have to run to save your life... and yet you won't get close to what a Survival experience means. But be careful: It can hook you. We have players who have repeated more than fifty times!

We provide a healthy, intense, memorable leisure alternative that creates links with the experience itself and with other players. Many of our clients have become part, over the years, of groups of friends with a beautiful cohesion among themselves.
The positive experience of enjoying an event like ours, in which sports are carried out for a whole night and whose adrenaline becomes the best ally of the night.
We organize events of all kinds! We set them in the worlds of Lovecraft, Predator, Scape Rooms and many more. Browse our website to learn more about our offer!
We deploy a whole network of professionals so that the youngest are protected at all times and do not suffer mishaps.

Collaborators and sponsors

You can contact us if you want to collaborate with us, we will be happy to hear from you.

Collaborators and sponsors

You can contact us if you want to collaborate with us, we will be happy to hear from you.

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